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    How You Start Matters

    The first forty days after birth are one of the most important timeframes for new families. It's a time where nourishment and wellness are of the utmost importance. Okionu Birth Foundation provides a unique meal provision and group support model for parents in low-income BIPOC families for six weeks after their baby is born. 

    STRONG Families start with STRONG Support

    Providing Support, Addressing Needs

    The Okionu Birth Foundation provides two of the biggest Aftercare supports through its programming by partnering with personal chefs experienced in home food delivery and mental health collaboration. By collaborating with organizations that focus on preventing mental illness, as well as those that help postpartum families of color overcome social barriers, we can create a strong network of support for communities dealing with these issues. 

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    Our Mission

    Strengthen lives, families, and communities.

    Okionu Birth Foundation is built on a passion for improving the lives of individuals and families. We connect the entire family to the help and services they need, right when they need it. We provide so much more than just food and group support. In partnership with you, we are building strong people, communities, and families.

    Helping Families Heal, Rest & Connect

    Black women have alarming maternal death rates, and a significant portion of those deaths take place within the first six weeks postpartum. By connecting families to therapists who can relate to them culturally, we remove a significant barrier to mental health support and vulnerability.

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    We make sure that they have home-delivered meals after birth allowing them a moment to rest, heal and connect.

    When young girls can witness the mothers in their community being taken care of, it changes the expectation they have for what their postpartum season could and should look like.

    Our services not only strengthen and support families in the moment, they also have the potential to change the entire trajectory of postpartum care in that families’ lineages.

    Jacquelyn Clemmons

    Meet The Founder

    Hello, I am Jacquelyn Clemmons daughter of Wanda Simmons-Clemmons, granddaughter of Flora Simmons, great-granddaughter of Beatrice McLaughlin, great-great-granddaughter of Naomi Leslie, and mother of 3. I am a...

    Okionu Birth Foundation recently was awarded a Goldman Sachs` Black Women Impact grant.

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